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10ft Standard One Trip Shipping Container


10 Ft One Trip Container

The 10ft one trip shipping container is considered a standard container. But because their size is more unique, they do not get utilized as often in shipping service. Therefore the majority of them are only available in “one trip” condition. A “one trip” container is only shipped once from the factory to the USA. This container is built with CORTEN anti-corrosive steel. CORTEN steel has better rust properties than conventional steel. This contributes to the improved longevity of shipping containers.

The container floors are built with 1-1/8” marine grade plywood. The quality of this plywood surpasses that of regular plywood because of its high density. The high density helps prevent fungi and termites.

Because it is a specialty container, a one trip 10ft container is often more expensive than a 20ft one trip container. But if you have limited space, it is a great option!


  • CORTEN anti-corrosive all steel construction
  • Marine grade plywood
  • Secure lockbox
  • Manufactured to ISO Specifications
  • Forklift Pockets (on most units)
  • Side vents for airflow


  • Secure & Watertight
  • Ground Level Access
  • One Trip Container
  • Temporary or Permanent Storage
  • Delivery Available via tilt-bed or flatbed trailer. Note: Delivery by flatbed requires a forklift to offload the container at the delivery location.
  • Delivery Requires 60-80ft of space


Length: 10ft.
Length: 9ft. 7in.
Width: 7ft. 8in.
Weight: 3,000 lbs.
Width: 8ft.
Width: 7ft. 8in.
Height: 7ft. 5in.
Height: 8ft. 6in
Height: 7ft. 10in.


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