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Why choose Pet Express for your International Pet Transport Service?

Bird and Pets transport is a job for experts because, in addition to the basic requirements for professional animal transport, there are a number of additional points which must be borne in mind for the comfort of our feathered friends. These sensitive, freedom-loving creatures really do need optimum (flight) travel conditions in order to arrive at their destination as stress-free as possible and without any consequent damage or injury.

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Industry Experts

International pet transportation is constantly changing, even more so now. We keep abreast of all the most recent regulations, airline protocols and individual country requirements to ensure your pet arrives at its destination happy and well..


Family-Owned & Operated

We’re a family–owned and operated company, and we take that family approach into our care for you and your pet’s journey. When you work with us, you and your furry friends are family.



We find solutions, not problems. Our pet shipping services are comprehensive and suitable for any big trip. We’ve transported pregnant pets, handled breed restrictions, dealt with cancelled flights and managed it all through a global pandemic.


Highly Knowledgeable

Whether it’s juggling veterinary protocols, understanding the quarantine requirements of countries worldwide, or ensuring your pet has access to food and water while they travel, we have the information you need. We make the entire pet shipping experience hassle-free and are dedicated to transporting your family safely right to your front door.


Caring Partners

We wouldn’t leave your pet transport needs with anyone who wasn’t as caring and supportive as we are ourselves. We’ve chosen to work with only the best industry partners, such as Canine Companions for Independence.


We have an amazing team of drivers who have been part of the company for many years who go above and beyond to safely deliver your birds and reptiles. We have a team of staff dedicated to support the welfare of any species in our care. All collections are brought to our holding area where we have facilities to care for all kinds of breeds. We have a heat room for reptiles, exotic birds and other animals requiring warmth. We have pens for pigeons and birds who may require staying for longer and our dedicated team care for and feed and water everything which comes into our holding area before they go on their homebound journeys. We have many returning and regular customers who have relied on us for a number of years. We strive to deliver an excellent and safe service to our whole customer base, both old and new.

Corporate responsibility

We’re committed to the health and well-being of our employees, the environment and communities we serve. Get information on our environmental and privacy policies and learn how to access information. Relocating your pet from one country to another involves paperwork, transportation, proper identification, and pickup and delivery. Above all, you want to make sure that your pet is comfortable during their trip, and that everything from check-in to clearing customs is smooth and uneventful.

Transparency and trust

We’re committed to earning and keeping your trust while also vigilantly protecting your information. Likewise, as a Crown corporation that serves the World, we embrace transparency. Domestic pet travel requires that your pet is fit to travel, over 8 weeks of age, and is current on their rabies vaccination (if applicable).We also provide regional ground transportation.

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